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Even the best equipment and gear is worthless without the right training. However, when you combine the best equipment and gear with the best real-world, scenario-based training...guess what you get: exceptional Tulsa Police Officers. Below is an overview of the training and equipment you can expect during and beyond the Academy.




From Academy to retirement.

The Tulsa Police Department is one of only a handful of departments in the country to have a dedicated fitness team. This highly qualified team of functional strength training officers not only helps build the strongest recruits possible through the Academy PT program, but they help officers gain strength and flexibility, and stay healthy, from academy to retirement. This is particularly valuable in helping every officer successfully complete their annual PT testing requirements.


The law, interviewing, report writing, chain of custody...and much more.

During the Academy and throughout your career as a Tulsa Police Officer, you will receive progressive classroom education on all aspects of police work, including changes in our curriculum due to evolution in our community, policing, and society as a whole. From cultural awareness to use of force, your training will be intensive and thorough.


Of the community. In the community.

Although more of a buzzword these days, community policing has been at the heart of TPD for many years. It is our goal to be representative of our community, as well as always active in our community. But it's not enough to just say it. We train it. We expect it. In addition, we have the Community Policing Dashboard which tracks our progress across six pillars and 77 recommendations. 
Learn more about this effort from the City of Tulsa.


Listening and negotiation are our first defenses. But when action is required, we are ready.

TPD's Defensive Tactics Instructors (DTI) are highly qualified and experienced. Their goal is to ensure the safety of the public and of our officers through vigorous, realistic training. Utilizing cutting edge techniques that represent the safest and most effective tactics available, we build well-rounded, competent, and physically confident guardians.


Safety, accuracy, and speed.

Between the Rangemaster and Range staff, there are hundreds of years of experience, wisdom, and rigor to benefit both new and experienced officers. We pride ourselves on staffing and creating some of the best marksman in the country, providing our officers with the competence and confidence they need to succeed should the day ever come.


Get there safe. Get there quick.

As a patrol officer, your car is your office. It not only carries your gear, laptop, citizens, and criminals, but it must get you to where you are needed quickly and safely. To this end, our highly specialized Law Enforcement Driving Training (LEDT) instructors ensure every TPD officer is a calm and safe driver, capable of high speed, with precision, while under pressure.


Scenario-based training means real pressure, real decisions. 

From traffic stops to domestic disturbances, habitually intoxicated to active shooter, TPD officers are first trained in the classroom to assess a situation and make decisions. Then, they are put to the test, under pressure, in scenarios that feel real. Through such training, our officers know what to expect, how to assess, and how to react when it matters most. 


Assess. Address. Save.

Every TPD officer is not a certified paramedic (although we have several), but every Officer does receive specialized medical training through Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). TCCC teaches evidence-based, life-saving techniques and strategies for providing the best trauma care in the field. In addition, TPD offers its officers the opportunity to expand their medical knowledge and value through optional Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training.


Inservice. In the know.

Following the Academy, every TPD officer continues their education and evolution through requisite, annual inservice training. This training is enhanced by elective education, certifications, and skills enhancement opportunities. With TPD, you can continue to take your officer education as far as you like.




Every Academy graduate is assigned their own patrol vehicle that they may drive home if they like. Those who live in Tulsa pay nothing and those who drive it home outside the City pay a small mileage fee.


All TPD officers are provided standard issue equipment, including, but not limited to, body cam, ballistic vest, radio, flashlight, OC spray, less-lethal taser, carrying belts, holsters, and pouches. 
Upon graduation from the Academy, all TPD officers are provided their first uniform set. In addition, they receive an annual $850 uniform allowance for replacement and enhancements.


In addition to the standard taser, TPD officers can certify with multiple tools and systems, including beanbag launchers, pepperball launchers, flexible baton launchers, and more.



All TPD officers are trained and equipped with both semi-automatic, 9mm pistols (e.g., Glock 17) and .223 rifles (e.g., AR-15). Additional specializations and certifications are available.
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