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Academy Base Pay
Average First Year Officer*
Max Pay (Plus Longevity)
Officers are paid bi-weekly, based on a 40-hour work week. Pay is determined by a negotiated annual contract between the City of Tulsa and the collective bargaining representation, of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 93. Sworn Officers are paid a salary based on their rank and their pay step. After graduating the Academy, Officers begin in the PD-01 rank and at step "00" (see above). Following contract negotiations each year, the Officer may proceed to the next step.  *Average includes overtime and holiday pay. 


Holidays: Thirteen Holidays are observed annually.


Vacation Benefits: The table below shows the number of hours earned per year based on number of years service on the Department.


Sick Leave / Funeral Leave: Paid sick leave accrues at the rate of 1 (one) day of each full calendar month of service, with a maximum of 150 days. After accrual of 120 days sick leave, days earned may be converted to vacation leave. Some sick leave may be used for necessary care or attending to immediate family members. Funeral leave upon the death of an immediate family member is granted with pay for up to 3 working days.

Annual Vacation Hours
Years of Service
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Medical Insurance: All officers are eligible for major medical insurance. The City pays 90% of the cost of medical and 100% of dental insurance for the employee and part of the medical for dependents. Academy Recruits also have access to medical insurance through the department.


Long Term Disability: The City of Tulsa also offers a Long Term Disability Benefit. If an employee is off work for more than 90 days, (due to illness or injury) 60% of their monthly salary can be paid for up to 24 months.


Injury Leave: A separate, highly-desirable benefit available to City employees is "Injury Leave". Instead of weekly compensation payments, Injury Leave provides full salary up to 180 calendar days for job-related injuries.  


Life Insurance: All employees receive a paid life insurance policy in the amount of two times their annual salary. (Note: A separate, immediate death benefit of $4,000 is paid by the state.) Life insurance is also available for dependents at a minimal cost to the employee. Academy Recruits also have access to medical insurance through the department.


Workers Compensation / Salary Continuance: Accidental injuries arising in the course of employment with the City of Tulsa are covered under the guidelines of the Worker's Compensation Law of the State of Oklahoma. Generally, all reasonable and necessary medical expenses are paid, and weekly compensation payments are received during the period of time off work.


Mental Health Services: Free counseling and psychological assistance is provided.

Defined Benefits Retirement
Every officer is eligible for retirement benefits after 20 years of service, regardless of age. An officer becomes vested after 10 years of service. Benefits are 50% of an Officer's salary averaged over the highest salaried 30 consecutive months of the last 60 months of credit service. For service beyond 20 years, benefits increase 2.5% annually to a maximum of 75% after 30 years. An officer who terminates before being vested is eligible to have contributions returned.



Comp Time: In lieu of overtime, TPD officers can earn up to 180 hours of compensatory time per year, with the option to sell back up to 80 hours per year. This compensatory time functions as paid leave.


Equipment: Uniforms, accessories, and equipment (including firearms) are supplied upon Academy graduation; thereafter, an annual uniform allowance of $850/year is provided.


Second Language Pay: Employees who show satisfactory completion of language proficiency reviews/testing as approved by the Chief of Police, shall be eligible for a monthly “second language incentive” of one hundred dollars ($100) per month. Second language incentive pay shall be available for Spanish, Vietnamese and Sign Language proficiency. The number of employees eligible to receive such incentive pay shall be limited to one hundred (100) for Hispanic Language incentive pay, fifty (50) for Vietnamese Language incentive pay, and fifty (50) for Sign Language incentive pay as determined by management based on work unit needs.


Take-home Vehicle: All Tulsa Police Officers are allowed to take their TPD vehicle home for free, provided they live within Tulsa city limits. For those officers who live outside of the Tulsa city limits, but within a forty (40) mile radius of the center of the Tulsa (41st & Yale), they can take their vehicles home for only a nominal fee.


Education Pay: Education pay commences upon graduation from the academy. Officers who have earned a bachelor's degree receive  $100 per month incentive pay.


Longevity Pay: Each Employee shall receive longevity pay of $450 for each year of service from the Employee's date of hire. Longevity pay shall begin after the Employee has completed three (3) years of service, at the rate of $1350 annually, and shall increase by $450 each year thereafter through the completion of twenty (20) years of service. Upon completion of twenty (20) years of service and each year thereafter, the employee will receive longevity pay at the rate of $9000 annually.


Specialty Unit Equipment Pay: Depending on the specialty unit, you may receive additional equipment pay to cover the cost of necessary equipment and gear essential to the specialty unit function.

Deferred Compensation
A Deferred Compensation Program is available to full time employees to shelter a portion of the gross annual salary from income taxes. The deferred income is placed into an investment fund handled through the City.



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