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Being a Tulsa Police Officer is not like the latest television police drama. Being a Tulsa Police Officer means you strive for peace and safety for our community, for our city. It means you are filled with empathy and compassion, while driving toward challenge and action. Becoming a Tulsa Police Officer means joining a family that learns and trains for a better future for Tulsa. 


Where we all begin.

Your first day at the Tulsa Police Academy will be a memorable one. Not only does it mark your first tangible step in the many weeks to become a Tulsa Police Officer, but you will be introduced to the entire training staff and learn, first-hand, of the high and very specific expectations they have for you and your class.
Tulsa Police Recruits - Day 1
Day 1


Real human understanding and compassion.

At the core of your Academy experience, and your career as a whole, is an unwavering sense of right and wrong, especially in situations that challenge us at our core. This being so, you will experience in-depth education and training in ethics, community history and involvement, and human relations. 
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Community Connecton
The Law


Know, understand, and apply.

As law enforcement officers, knowing your federal, state, and city laws is simply par for the course. However, truly understanding them, and knowing how and when to apply them, is no simple thing. Your instructors will provide law history, context, and application to help you succeed.
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Skilled Action


When action is required, be ready.

Police action comes in many forms and, just as we train in compassion and connection with our community, we prepare you to physically act when needed. The Academy trainers will provide you with hands-on experience in a variety of custody and control techniques, firearms and driver training, and emergency medical skills. 
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Tulsa Police Recruits Train to Act


Getting the job done right.

From traffic stops to domestic disputes; drug trafficking to homicide. It's safe to say our work is varied. As such, your Academy instructors will educate you on proper protocols and techniques for patrol, traffic, and criminal investigations. You will also learn how all of this work is supported by solid report writing and proper administrative tasks.
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Tulsa Police Recruits Learn To Apply the Law
Police Work
Scenario Training


Putting it all together, under pressure.

Near the end of your Academy, the entirety of what you have learned will be put to the test. You will use your classroom knowledge, community policing, department policies and procedures, and physical training to address and solve a number of real-world scenarios. Built to tax your command of the material, these scenarios finalize your Academy training. 
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Graduation Day


And we begin again.

Congratulations! You have completed the many weeks of elite Tulsa Police Officer training. The culmination of your training is the graduation ceremony. You will be joined by your brothers and sisters in blue, your families, the city, bagpipes, motorcycles, and more. It is truly a day to it marks the end of your Academy training and the beginning of your career. 
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The TPD Academy provides some of the best recruit and officer training in the country. As a result, our rookies and veteran officers continually perform at exceptional levels in the toughest of situations. However, no recruit begins the Academy as one of these officers, and you won't either. It is through rigorousness training, holistic mentorship, and real-world scenario experience that you will become a successful Tulsa Police Officer.

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