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"Now, the education, the sweat, and all of the scenario-based training starts to pay you back."

Major Mark Wollmershasuser
Training Director
TPD Training Division


Your first year in the field is arguably one of the most exciting and personally challenging years of your life. Your training, mentors, and TPD family will help support and guide you to success. Year 1 is where your career truly begins.



From learning it to doing it.

Having graduated from the Academy, you are now an Officer in Training (OIT). As an OIT, you will spend 16 weeks in Field Training prior to your full-time assignment. Your Field Training is comprised of four phases: Phase 1, 6 weeks, Field Training Officer #1 (FTO); Phases 2 & 3, 4 weeks each, FTO #2 & #3; Phase 4, 2 Weeks, FTO #1, Final Evaluation. It is likely that during field training you will work and experience different shifts and areas of Tulsa. 
Tulsa Police Field Training


You did it. Now, you're independent.

Following successful completion of Field Training, you are now an official, fully capable, Tulsa Police Officer. Depending on when your Field Training ends, you may have a period where you will fill open positions/shifts until the Bid Board process begins in mid-July, with Shift Change occuring at the end of August. 
Tulsa Police Investigation


Choose your division, squad, and shift.

Bid Board is pretty simple. Around July, based on seniority, you select a year-long patrol assignment from the available open positions. The open positions are comprised of three factors: Uniform Division (physical area of Tulsa), assigned days off, and shift. As an example, you may be selecting between an assignment in the Mingo Valley Division working day shift with Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off or Riverside Division working evening shift with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Officers who have been with the department the longest select first. Shift Change takes place at the end of August.


The assignment of your choosing.

You made your selection at Bid Board, now you get to make the move. This is the culmination of your effort. You've completed your initial training, been cut loose to function independently as a Tulsa Police Officer, and now, at the end of August, you begin your first post. Settle in, meet your newest family members, and let's get to work!
Tulsa Police Crime Prevention